Hear What’s Up Story Contest!

Hello everyone, I have decided to do a story contest! I’ve seen some really lovely contests out there and I thought I just had to be apart of the fun. This contest will be a little different than others. I going to give you a theme as well as the plot and some characters. This is my first contest ever so I’m going to need some participation, please share this post!!! The prize will be an endorsement of your story (it will be posted on my blog) a follow, likes on every post of yours and a free book!! Here is the theme:

Life of a teenager 

Main character: Girl or boy in middle/high school

Include comedy (if you can) romance, or mystery! Make up anything you want this is totally ALL YOU! The deadline for entries is February 20th the winner will be announced that weekend. For me to see your story first: write it, (duh) post it on your blog, comment on this post you have posted your story and I will respond in the comments I have read it!  I can’t wait to read your amazing stories!


31 thoughts on “Hear What’s Up Story Contest!

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  1. This sounds fun!
    I’m looking forward in joining this since I need to improve my writing skills (and grammar of course) and it’s a school holiday for 6 days here! The topic, make me feel motivated to write this story! Also, is there any limit of words?


      1. You’re very welcome! I love being active in wordpress by entering competitions like that. My story, to me, is not very exciting. But you have no idea how I worked hard to have a story with a motivational lesson. I am still new in the writing world xD


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