Tips on owning a dog- Sneak Peek of My Puppy!

Hello friends! Today I will be discussing some tips on owning a doggie. I just got my little angel one year ago and it’s honestly changed my life. I hope these tips help you even if you’ve been a dog owner for years or you are getting a dog soon, these tips are very important. Enjoy!

1. When Doggo Needs to Go Potty, Always Take Him To the Same Spot

By doing this, the dog knows we mean potty business and not a walk, and he won’t take  as long. We’ve trained Cooper to go by the side of the house, he could probably do it on this own by now but we accompany him anyway to pick up the doo doo. By repeating this every day he will get used to going in this spot. In the beginning he may want to play but you must stand and wait until he/she goes and when that happens, treats galore!!

2. Never Feed Him Human Food

I know this is so hard, they give you the puppy eyes and whine, but it’s a very bad habit. This begging can get very bad and it’s not something that is healthy for the dog either. When he jumps up at you at the dinner table say NO very clearly. Here is a list of what not to feed a dog, some of these things I didn’t  even know.


3. Use Codewords

I discussed this is the last tip but once dogs get used to certain words like “treat” and “breakfast”, they also must get used to words like “no” and “kisses!” We used these words so often so that Cooper began to understand their meaning. No! For when he eats things that don’t belong to him. Kisses! for when he bites too hard when playing, when we say “kisses” to him he usually stops biting and starts to lick and we reply to this with “good boy!” and sometimes a treat.


4. Punishments

This is up to the owner but there should always be a punishment for a dogs bad actions, just like kids. When Cooper wrecks something or pees in the house without letting us know he needed to go, we put him in the kennel. He knows this is a bad sign, the dog needs to understand what he did was bad and have the same punishment every time, if  it is not enough, you will need to change it to something more strict.


5. Training Him to Cry At the Door

This is so important when trying to keep the dogs from peeing in the house. By bringing your dog to one door every day he will then associate this door with the bathroom. You will always know when he has to go because of this.

6. Treats

Treats are very important but try not to give too many. I tend to give treats when he does a trick, or goes poopy after crying at the door, or does a good job at the vet or the bath. Giving too many treats can result in begging and other bad habits.

7. Sit

“Sit” is very important and it keeps him sharp and listening. We make Cooper sit before he gets a meal, before he gets let off the leash and before he gets any kind of treat. By doing this, you still have authority and he knows this is what he should do before he gets anything good.


I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope they will help you in the future! Here are some pics of my baby!!!


Look at that little scowl. Such a cutie lol.

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 3.35.54 PM.png

14 thoughts on “Tips on owning a dog- Sneak Peek of My Puppy!

Add yours

      1. Yeah I’ve been wanting one so bad but my parents don’t want another one 😢 only reason I can’t wait to move out 😂😍


    1. Thanks so much Faye! I’m so glad to hear this. I follow the rule of treating your dogs like family, the idea of obedience is something both dogs and kids need to understand. He is a bolognese which is a cousin to a bichon. They are Italian dogs and not yet popular enough in the US to be apart of the American kennel association, making them quite rare. I’m so glad you enjoyed this post!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I completely agree!

        I actually know the Bolognese. I’ve never met one in person before, though! That is great that you were able to get yours. He seems super sweet. ❤ Thanks for sharing your insight on the breed!

        I totally get the whole dog changing a life thing (which you stated in your blog post). My old dog, Trixie who passed away 1 1/2 months ago, really did change my life for the better. Though a mutt and we will never fully know, I believe she was a Labrador Retriever and Old English Sheepdog mix. She was the best and wow, do I miss her!

        Now I own my 3 month old Golden Retriever mix, Greg. I cannot wait for the adventures in store with this sweet little guy! 🙂

        Dogs are such an amazing blessing. ❤


      2. They really are a blessing. No drama, no fighting, they’re never mean (although, Cooper will get fresh sometimes and turn his back to me because I didn’t feed him in time haha) They’re always there for you. When we first got him I didn’t have a lot of friends and without Cooper and my family, I really wouldn’t have anyone. We have so much fun together and I’m hoping, eventually, we will be able to start taking him on our trips 😉

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