Q&A About Blogging With…my Little Brother!

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to do a Question & Answer with my little bro. Note: He is almost taller than me and he probably wouldn't being called little, hehe! So we're going to get straight to it enjoy! Q: How did you get into blogging? A: Mom had a blog and that gave me... Continue Reading →


Summer Watercolors

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to be posting some recent art I have done. Most of these I did at my grandmother's house. Me and my cousin decided to have a little family art show where we made art for 4 days, then chose our best pieces to put in the art show. It was... Continue Reading →

My Trip to Dominican Republic

Hello everyone! I haven't been on my blog in a while due to... hmmm...let's think.. Spring track, the musical, photography competitions, choir, softball, wind ensemble, tests, homework, projects and more. So I'm pretty busy but this weekend I am FREE! HALLELUJAH! I've decided to go over my spring vacation (I know, super late!) I'll do... Continue Reading →

When Things Don’t go Your way

Hi everyone! I haven't done a motivational post in a while and I think it's time to start them back up again. What inspired this post was not getting the part I wanted in the play. As you may know from before, I love to sing and act. I just started singing in front of audiences... Continue Reading →

Snaps near the sea

I've been taking a ton of pictures recently on my new camera and I would like to share my favorites with you guys, enjoy! Post card anyone? My mini dream house 🙂 You can't delete on this thing? Thats crazy! I can beat anyone at a game o- checkers! We spotted seals on our seal... Continue Reading →

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