Collab DIY Scrapbooking – Tips and Tricks

Hello everyone! I've finally gotten back into the groove of blogging again and I've decided to try something new. I have never done a DIY post before, I'm not that great at it but I spent a ton of hours on a Disney Trip Scrapbook (the link is available if you are interested in buying the... Continue Reading →


I Created a Blog Button… The Big Reveal…

Ok... so I'm not sure how it happened but I made a blog button. I'm still a little unsure if I did it right and I'm iffy on its exact purpose, but hey! Why not? I was inspired by Ariana's Flying Life and her Amaze Blogs!!  page everyone had these adorable little blog buttons and I'm like... "What is... Continue Reading →

Fourth of July Shell Crafts!

Hello friends! It is fourth of July and each year my brother and I do a lemonade stand. This year I've decided to hand paint shells and sell them. I wanted to feature these shells as a craft post for the holiday. I will be discussing the story behind the shells as well as how... Continue Reading →

I Went Off The Grid…

Hello everyone! Sorry it's been so long since I've posted, finals were crazy along with sports towards the end of the school year and then I went to Europe for two whole weeks. The trip was incredible, we traveled all over Italy and it was by far the best exploration I have ever been on.... Continue Reading →

Your Questions, My Answers!!

Hello writers, poets, enthusiasts galore. I had a bunch of awesome questions on my Q&A post a little while back and I'm going to be sharing them with you. Enjoy! My first question was from JoAnne @ joannaoftheforest this was an awesome question. Here was my answer: We all know the struggles of midterms and finals, it... Continue Reading →

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